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Experts in Bio4Bio

Find an expert in the Bio4Bio consortium gathering 8 Danish universities and companies who are all leaders in their field of expertise.

University experts

University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Life Sciences

Claus Felby, Professor of Wood and Biomass Science, project coordinator, WP2 leader
Plant cell wall structure and function. Feedstock development testing and evaluation using state of the art conversion technologies
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Tom Hamborg, Associate Professor
Regulation of carbohydrate metabolism and metabolite profiling
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Henning Jørgensen, Associate Professor
Biomass charachterization, protein plant cell wall interactions
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Jakob Magid, Associate Professor
Biomass and nutrient turnover in soils and conversion technologies
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John R. Porter, Professor of Agroecology
Ecosystem services and land use
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Søren K. Rasmussen, Professor of Molecular Plant Breeding, WP1 leader
Molecular breeding. Molecular plant breeding, grass mutant population, quality traits, sequence analysis
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Yumiko Sakuragi, Assistant Professor
Biosynthesis of cell wall, characterization of cell wall and the products of the cell wall degrading enzymes
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Jan K. Schjørring, Professor of Plant Nutrition
Processes involved in nutrient acquisition and carbon allocation by higher plants
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Peter Ulvskov, Professor of Plant Biotechnology
Cell wall biology with focus on the biosynthesis and technical uses of complex plant polysaccharides
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William Willats, Professor of Plant Cell Wall Molecular Biology
Molecular level analysis of cell wall carbohydrates, biosynthesis and carbon allocation in higher plants
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Aalborg University Copenhagen Institute of Technology

Lene Lange, Professor, Vice Dean of Research, The Faculties of Engineering, Science and Medicine, WP 3 leader
Discovery of proteins and peptides through molecular biology studies of interactions between fungi and their host substrates
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Morten Nedergaard Grell, Associate Professor
Molecular biological methods for protein discovery, primarily focusing on discovery of fungal secretome proteins
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University of Aarhus Faculty of Agricultural Sciences

Preben Bach Holm, Research Professor, WP4 leader
Plant Biotechnology, Plant nutrient use efficiency and molecular breeding, carbon allocation in higher plants
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Industry experts

DLF-Trifolium A/S

Breeding and production of grasses. Molecular breeding of perennial grasses. Supply of grass varieties, participation in TILLING breeding platform.
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Inbicon/DONG Energy

Jan Larsen, Director of Research, WP5 leader
Development of 2nd generation bioethanol processing technology. Participates with delivery of biomass form intermediate process steps. Delivery of processed biomass. Testing and evaluation of biomass feedstock.
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INBIOM - Innovation Network for Biomass (CBMI)

Pilot scale testing and development of biogas technology. Participates with supply of residual process biomass. Dissemination of knowledge and results to industry and public.
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Novozymes A/S

Enzyme production and development. Participates by supply of experimental enzymes, by granting of a royalty-free license to Lene Lange to use the Novozymes proprietary TAST technology, by sequencing and automatic bioinformatics analysis of TAST hits and by participation in project planning and evaluation of results.
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General development of fermentation techniques. Testing of different biomass feedstocks and proteins in C6/C5 fermentation. Delivery of residual biomass for characterisation.
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