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Purpose of Bio4Bio

Bio4Bio is a strategic research centre that focuses Danish research within plant biology, biomass technology, microbiology and processing technology for the advancement of biotechnologies for conversion of non-food plant biomass to sustainable energy carriers.

Biomass for energy

The core competence of the Bio4Bio centre is to advance the use of biomass for energy by integrating structural analysis and development of the biomass feedstock with the corresponding microbiological tools needed to process the biomass.

The biotechnology development in Bio4Bio is targeted at 2nd generation bioethanol technologies with a link to biogas and solid biofuels for heat and power production.

The use of biomass for energy is the current largest renewable contributor to our national and global energy supply. Goals are to more than double the use of biomass for energy. Biofuels are needed for renewable high density energy carriers for automobiles and especially airplanes and ships. To decouple the production of food from bioenergy, 2nd generation technologies using non-food crops or residues are needed.

Large potential for Danish industry and scientific community

Key opportunities and technological tools for industry and the scientific community are the results of the hand-in-hand approach in the Bio4Bio research centre. The strategic research conducted in Bio4Bio gives Danish industry a large potential for providing the global market with economically and environmentally viable technologies for conversion of non-food biomass to high value energy carriers.