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22 May 2009

Kick-off workshop - see the presentations

Bio4Bio kicked off the ground on May 18 2009 with presentations of the plans and visions for the next five years. You can find all the presentations from the morning session below.

In the afternoon, WP partners met to map out the tasks and deliverables in the first year of the center. A work program for 2009-2010 hs been developed based on the outcome of the afternoon workshop.

Introduction to Bio4Bio by Claus Felby (pdf) 

Work package presentations

WP1: Biomass selection and supply (pdf)
Søren K. Rasmussen, KU-LIFE  

WP2: Core technologies
Claus Felby, KU-LIFE 

WP3: Protein Discovery
Lene Lange, AAU  

WP4: Functional genomics
Preben Bach Holm, AU-DJF  

WP5: Testing and up-scaling
Jan Larsen, Inbicon A/S

WP6: Technology impact
John R. Porter, KU-LIFE