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Research in Bio4Bio

Background and idea

Current state of the art within development of biofuel technologies from non-food feedstocks has made large-scale processing of biomass into sugars and fuels technically possible, but the efficiency with regard to yield and energy consumption is not at a level which enables a full commercial implementation.

Methods and experimental work

The approach and concept of Bio4Bio focuses on a parallel development of biomass and proteins to high value energy carriers.

Work packages

The experimental work in Bio4Bio is organized in 5 interconnected work packages (WP) with a central core of screening and analytical techniques.

Expected results and outcome

The Bio4Bio Centre with its clear focus on 2nd generation technologies using lignocellulosic biomass contributes to the security of food and energy supply. Furthermore it supports a unique opportunity for Danish industry to establish a global market and technology lead within 2nd generation bioenergy technologies.