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Background and idea of Bio4Bio

Lignocellulosic plant biomass is the largest available resource for production of renewable liquid fuels for substitution of fossil fuels. To realize the potential of plant biomass, it requires an economically viable and genuine sustainable technology with no negative environmental impact which decouples the use of plant biomass for food and energy. These challenges are the key focus for the Bio4Bio strategic research centre.

Optimal conversion of non-food plant biomass to sustainable energy

Current state of the art within development of biofuel technologies from non-food feedstocks has made large-scale processing of biomass into sugars and fuels technically possible, but the efficiency with regard to yield and energy consumption is not at a level which enables a full commercial implementation. There are two inherent factors limiting the yield and efficiency: The structure and composition of the biomass feedstock, and the corresponding ability of the applied enzymes and microorganisms to deconstruct and convert the biomass.