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Work Packages in Bio4Bio

The experimental work is organized in 5 interconnected workpackages (WP), with a central core of screening and analytical techniques.

WP1 Biomass selection and supply

Focus on selection of relevant biomass types and establishing a database of plant material.
WP1 leader: Professor Søren K. Rasmussen, KU-LIFE

WP2 Core technologies

Focus on plant transformation, saccharification screening and characterization of plant and cell features that impart biomass recalcitrance.
WP2 leader: Professor Claus Felby, KU-LIFE

WP3 Protein discovery

Focus on identification and analysis of cell wall degrading enzymes and accessory proteins.
WP3 leader: Professor Lene Lange, Aalborg University/ Copenhagen Institute of Technology

WP4 Functional genomics

Focus on production of plant material and evaluation and identification of candidate laccases from genomic sequence.
WP4 leader: Professor Preben Bach Holm, Aarhus University

WP5 Testing and up-scaling

Focus on test in pilot-scale of biomasses and proteins, pre-treatment and liquefaction at high solid content and evaluation of up-scalability.
WP5 leader: Jan Larsen, Inbicon